A History Of Innovation And Excellence

Andres Isaias

Andrés Isaías is a businessman, executive, and entrepreneur

Andrés Isaías is known in the business world for his businesses, oriented towards innovation and expansion, in various sectors.

Andrés Isaías belongs to the fourth generation of the Isaías family, one of the most important in Ecuador.
He began his professional career at Rocafuerte Seguros in Guayaquil. It contributed to the company’s innovation and personalization, according to the clients.

Its activities include innovative medicine, through RESTEM LLC, natural gas extraction through ENREMA LLC, and Miami’s upscale real estate market with ANDIAN LLC .

Andrés Isaías is an entrepreneur known for cutting-edge innovation and building growth-oriented businesses in a multitude of sectors.

The companies of Andrés Isaías

Andian Group LLC

ANDIAN Group, founded in 2020, is a high-end real estate development company in Miami Beach. It has broken numerous sales records and is on track to sell more than $ 100 million this year. The company is currently involved in many new and exciting projects in the booming real estate market in South Florida. Andian Group’s approach to transformative living is reshaping the high-end real estate market.

RESTEM LLC and BioBox LLC are regenerative medicine research companies that focus on studying cell biology and its impact on human health by maintaining and restoring the immune system to a younger functional state. Restem has participated in multiple FDA-registered clinical studies using its proprietary stem cell technology.

Enrema LLC is a Tennessee-based oil and gas company. It is now the largest oil producer in Tennessee, managing more than 800 oil and gas wells and 50 miles of federally regulated natural gas transportation pipelines.